Stunning location, perfect for young families, friendly owners

I have traveled to this region of France at least once a year for the last 18 years. This property by far, is the most beautiful. The architecture is an eclectic mix of Balinese minimalism, rustic French countryside and the convenience of modernism.

The location is unbeatable with 360 hilltop views stretching hundreds of kilometers. The pool is perched on a hill side and if you wake up for an early morning swim you’ll see the light deflect in bright pink on the Pyrenees, some 200 km away. The region is famous for its fine spirits, wine, cheeses, fruits, seafood (!), duck and of course – foie gras! So foodies from all backgrounds will be thoroughly spoiled. Meanwhile, I’m always surrounded by friends, family and kids. One of the beauties of this place is that I can just let them do their own thing. Everyone has an entertainment opportunity. For young kids, the surrounding lands and forest (owned by the estate) provide an opportunity for exploration I was never afforded in my youth. It turns out that within the forests of Enbosc resides one of the most famous bouldering walls in France. So amateur or experienced rock climbers will surely love this aspect of the house. Overall I couldn’t recommend this experience more, I have been time and time and will be there if you don’t book it!